Adventures in PA.

        You probably wouldn’t guess it, but I love the outdoors! Hiking is my favorite way to exercise. My A.D.D. kicks in and everything in my sight fascinates me. The day flies by and the only real way to know I’ve exercised is by the soreness of my legs the next

What’s wrong with more creativity?

          I’m a chronic doodler, picture taker, cook, and fashion enthusiast, among many other things.  I was never classically good at art, or extraordinarily talented, but I am passionate about expressing myself through different art forms.  It is not only therapeutic, but I often surprise myself by my own


      I LOVE menswear.  It’s funny, a lot of girls grow up wishing they had stylish sisters to swop or share clothing with.  I’m the opposite. It’s so dope that I have three brothers and a boyfriend that I am always snagging clothing from. People ask me where I


These are the confessions of a girl who has recently become obsessed with pinterest. Let it be known, I poke a lot of fun at myself for this. MONKEY BREAD. (Put your oven on 350 degrees)   All you good people need: 2 cans of Grands Pillsbury Flaky Layers 1 Cup of


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